My whole career has revolved around the visual arts. The media I


in ranges from ink on paper to <div>'s and CSS selector's in SublimeText. Give me a broken stick and a pile of sand and I'll make something interesting with it.

I began in


-first self publishing graphic novels and webcomics to eventually seeing my illustrations published by major comicbook publishers in a variety of books and anthologies.

My work in comics gave me a crash course in

graphic design

-creating logos, page layouts, and optimizing files for print production. I developed a passion for typography, the Adobe Creative Suite, and vector graphics.

In order to promote my work, I taught myself

interactive design and development

I found working in programing languages was just as satisfying as drawing with a pencil or working in Photoshop. The entirety of this site was designed and coded by myself with a little help from bootstrap.

The important thing to know


me is I'm creative, dedicated, and an overall nice guy.

Ball, pencil and star icons

I was born in California,
grew up in Oregon, went to college in
Texas (MFA University of Texas @ Austin),
and began my career in Minnesota.

Since 2002 I've developed my freelance career as an artist/designer. Some of my clients include:

Image Comics/ Black Box TV/ Make Westing Oakland, CA/ Ape Entertainment/ Charter Media

Want to know more? How to CONTACT me?

I'm always looking for opportunities to work with people. Need a simple illustration or design? Maybe a complicated website?

Let's connect!

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